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Founded in 1986 by lead singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and his friend, bassist Mike Dirnt, Green Day has been rockin’ out for over 30 years! In 1988 the band was signed by the record label Lookout! Records. In that same year, the band also acquired a new drummer, John Kiffmeyer. Just a year later, in 1989, a big change happened when they switched the group’s original name of Sweet Children to Green Day. Lookout! Records released the band’s debut album, 39/Smooth, at the beginning of 1990. Later that same year, after Green Day’s first nationwide tour, drummer John Kiffmeyer left the band to attend university. He was replaced by Tré Cool, who was meant to be with the band temporarily, but the position became permanent and he still plays with them to this day. In 1991 the band released their second album with Lookout! Records, named Kerplunk. During 1992 and 1993 the band was largely busy with tours, playing all over the world. The tour and their second album found the interest of larger record labels, and shortly after the end of their tour in 1993, they dropped Lookout! Records and signed with Reprise Records. Their third album, Dookie, became a commercial success with their new major record company behind them and the wide reach of MTV. The music channel played Basket Case, When I Come Around and Longview, which all reached number one positions on the Modern Rock Tracks charts through the exposure. Green Day’s fourth album, Insomniac, was released in 1995. Just a year later, in 1996 they took a short break, before coming back together in 1997 to work on their fifth album, Nimrod. Guitarist Jason White joined the band in 1999 to support them during concerts. Green Day’s sixth album, Warning, was released in 2000. Their seventh album, American Idiot, was released in 2004 and instantly shot to number 1 on the Billboard charts, the band's first album to achieve this. It brought them straight back to the top of success, which had dwindled since Nimrod. American Idiot became so big, that it’s still being played on the radio now and Green Day didn’t have time to write the next album for nearly 5 years, as they were touring the globe. Which they still do now.

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